So, here I am again, round two, except dear readers, this one isn’t really a follow on from my first blog post more of a side tracked side note that has come about due to todays news.

So, the prime minister has called for a snap election; So what!,  I can hear lots of you saying, what has that got to do with your marriage and dating woes!

Well, the ex husband is a staunch Labour supporter, to the point where he would have a full on fist-banging-on the-table rant if you dared to disagree with his views, or Labours views! He would tape prime ministers question time so he could sit and review it and shout at the tv when he didn’t agree with what was being said by the opposition.

Now, I like a good political discussion or debate, I like an intellectual conversation or hearing other people’s views; but to have it bleated about and ranted at me day after day if I didn’t agree with a certain Labour policy or something Jeremy Corbyn had said….. It wears thin after a while, and also starts to make you feel undervalued and like your ‘stupid’.

I think my political views also stems where the lack of love for me from my out-laws (in-laws) comes from; they thought/think me and my family are ‘posh’. Now anyone that knows me and my family will find that hilarious; my mum and dad have worked all their lives until a few years ago, my dad is ex army, who then worked in the local leather factory until they closed down, and then became a postman until he had to retire on medical grounds. My mum worked as a part-time cleaner and in the local shops as a retail assistant, until 2008 when she had a stroke that has affected her right hand side; but even then she bounced back and was back working until 2015, when she was diagnosed with an illness that I will touch on later in another blog. Our house is an average 3 bed mid-terrace, that my parents bought in the 1970’s, BUT because we live near London and don’t always vote Labour, that makes us ‘posh’…..

I can’t explain the way I feel right now, the weight that is off my shoulders knowing I won’t  have to listen to the ranting and raving of my ex over this whole political storm, that I won’t have to tiptoe round certain subjects or not watch certain programmes; as it would end up in a lecture and a rant…

If this is what freedom feels like, I wish I’d found my wings sooner.


One thought on “It’s the little things….

  1. Dearest Laura I’m laying here wide awake at the most stupid hour as yet again I can’t sleep…reading ur beautifully written blog with tears in my eyes and wishing I could have had the bottle u have to have dealt with my early days this way..Ur an amazing woman with a beautiful heart and soul an from reading ur blog I know u’ve broken and are well on the way to becoming someone’s dream woman one day…not yet I know but out there is someone u deserve xx stay strong…stay focused…and keep writing ur blog…its working xx love always Jacs xxxx


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