Firstly, thank you to all that have commented and said how they actually like this blog and look forward to its instalments, that means a lot to me.

I will, at some point, do a blog on the middle part of my marriage breakdown; I have covered the actual start of it In my first post, but the part where I re-live having to go and get all my stuff from Plymouth and say goodbye to my 2 fur babies (cats)….. well that still has a bit of sticking plaster on it; the wound is healing but it’s not quite knitted (please note I do NOT miss the ex one small bit!)

So this post is about re-starting my life and how actually, it’s turning out pretty well!

So I bagged myself a job within weeks of being back in good old Northants; working as a Team Secretary for the NHS in a local hospital;  I cried pretty much every day for the first 3 weeks in the job, but thanks to the fab team I work with and people I share an office with, I settled down and am now happily settled and love it.

I scrapped the junk heap of a car that I never wanted & hated driving; turned out the ex had run the damn thing into the ground anyway and repairs were going to cost more than the car was worth! To be fair to the old girl, she did get me back to and from Plymouth in a day and was crammed FULL of my stuff.  It wasn’t a sad farewell when I waved her off on the back of the scrap truck though. Now the proud owner of a newer version of my first car, small, nippy and all mine (as in NO ONE else will drive her!)

I have started taking horse riding up again; I swore I’d never ride again after loosing my beloved boy, Edward, and then the string of disaster horses that followed and ended in the loss of ‘our’ mare, Branwen. This too was something that my ex spoilt and destroyed my passion for; I’ve ridden since I was a small girl & always dreamt of owing my own. I will never own a horse again, but on the hunt for a share/part loan; preferably something that doesn’t want to kill me or is has no idea what leg aids are (can you tell the hunt isn’t going well!)

I’ve lost 2st! Possibly through stress, but in all honesty I’ve not felt stressed, but have been eating much better-less junk food (apart from Fridays at work, as they are classed as ‘Fat Free Fridays’ so you don’t gain weight)

I’ve started attending a Burlesque Chair Dance exercise class; funniest thing ever, and the bruises I have today are pretty impressive. probably a good job I am single, as questions would be raised about how they got where they are! I do wonder if I should find hobbies and activities that don’t leave me bruised or walking like John Wayne!

I have discovered a love for shoes; high-heeled shoes, mainly Irregular Choice shoes to be honest, and handbags, and dresses (Lindy Bop are currently taking over my wardrobe) and makeup….as in proper makeup; colour matched foundation that I’ve been shown how to prep and apply properly with make up brushes, a lipstick I ordered from America that everyone thinks I rock, and I have long nails that I can actually paint! I think I might actually be coming an actual lady, or alternatively I’m finding and enjoying a softer side to me.

I have a full days tattoo session booked with my fave tattooist, few more new ones planned and work to be done to existing ink. All part of my mental and physical healing.

I’ve re-connected with old friends and made new ones. I’ve been out drinking alcohol (not done that since 2010, when I got v drunk and well….that’s a story for another post, but lets just say I don’t think I did my dating prospects much good that night). I actually managed to stay out until 2:30am, and was quite tipsy…. was up nice and early the next day…. I may have had to go and have a little lie down in the afternoon though….

So I have a job, a new car, a social life and have lost weight….. so the next step would be to think about dating again right?… weellllll it would seem that I may need some help in that department; possibly in the form of a ‘what not to say  or do, when on a potential date’ guide, and yes that does mean I have met up with a member of the male species, but that encounter deserves a post of its own, mainly as (I think)  it’s so funny and face palming painful at the same time, it seems  shame to cram it on this one!


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